Target Practice: Trouble Spot Toning Exercises

Ready, aim, fire! Zap your trouble spots with these no-gym-required sculpting moves, which tighten and trim where you need it most.
How This Workout Works
Dedicated to dumbbells and crunching like crazy but still not seeing results where it counts? Drop the weights and ditch the sit-ups; we’ve found the perfect workout you can do anywhere to blast your biggest flab zones. “Each of these exercises tones a big-payoff muscle in ways your usual reps often miss,” says Nadia Zaki, an instructor at Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York City, who compiled these eight effective firmers from her signature Inner Strength class to help you carve out cuts and curves better than ever before. Do the routine on three nonconsecutive days a week and watch problem areas go poof!

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