TAKE ACTION: Tell MTV and Viacom to Stop Glamorizing Drug Use on Skins

It is widely believed that teens may be influenced by the depiction of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs on television. Studies have shown higher rates of television viewing among teens to be positively associated with increased tobacco usage, increased alcohol intake and younger onset of sexual activity.

Last month the PTC identified Skins as perhaps the most dangerous show on television for young viewers for exactly that reason. Skins routinely depicts teenagers using illegal narcotics, abusing prescription drugs, consuming alcoholÂ… and suffering absolutely no negative consequences or lasting effects. In fact, in just five episodes, there have been 150 references to or depictions of drug or alcohol use.

Parents or other responsible adults are virtually non-existent in the world of Skins, or serve only as enablers: an incompetent therapist who prescribes more and more drugs to a deeply troubled teenage girl, a mother who serves margaritas to children, a motherÂ’s boyfriend who shares in the drug use and then tries to seduce an underage girl.

If you agree that such irresponsible treatments of drug and alcohol use are unacceptable on a youth-targeted program, sign our petition demanding MTV and Viacom immediately refrain from further portrayal of teen drug and alcohol abuse in such a positive, provocative or enticing manner by clicking here.

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