What Color Crayon Should I Use For A Ruptured Spleen?

by Tim Larkin

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the

Internet chat rooms are interesting arenas.

I received an email the other day from a client who
forwarded some comments made about the TFT Mastery
Program from one of these “chat” forums. TFT Mastery
is a program designed to educate and train clients who
desire to become TFT trainers.

The program has rigorous physical and academic
standards. It is designed as such to produce trainers
who can instruct the system physically and explain the
physical trauma accurately. The physical part of the
training occurs at the live seminars held throughout
the year. Training time is logged and candidates are
tested at every juncture to gauge their progress.

The academic portion is done online in between the
seminars and, again, lessons are given and knowledge
is tested. One of the tools I use is the “Anatomy
Coloring Book” which is a standard text most medical
schools use to quickly train students on the human
body and its components.

The method of color-coding different bones, joints,
and nerves has proved to be a time-tested method for
rapid assimilation of this information as well as
providing long-term ability to recall the information.

A TFT trainer is not just physically able to show you
how to fight but must be able to accurately explain
the trauma inflicted to the other guy as you strike
these specific targets on the human body.

A certain “chat room black belt” was deriding any
program that used coloring books and wondered if
Crayola crayons were issued to TFT Mastery candidates.
Which just goes to show how one-dimensional most
combat sport and martial arts practitioners are when
it comes to trauma.

They just want to see a new “technique” rather than
understand how to systematically shut down the other
guy(s) by understanding how to effectively deliver
trauma to vulnerable areas of the human body.

To be able to deliver a strike is only one half of the
equation — to know where to deliver the strike for
maximum effect — EVERY TIME — is truly the acme of
skill in hand-to-hand combat.

So I’ll let the “internet warriors” have fun with my
coloring book requirements but they may be surprised
what you can learn with a box of crayons…

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