Kyokushin Techniques: Kenji Yamaki Demonstrates Karate Moves From His 2-DVD Full-Contact Karate Techniques Set

Kenji_Yamaki_150px-OPTby Raymond Horwitz
Photo by Peter Lueders

Now available from Black Belt Magazine Video is the 2-DVD karate set from kyokushin-techniques master Kenji Yamaki! Titled Full-Contact Karate: Advanced Sparring Techniques and Hard-Core Physical Conditioning, this exciting collection demonstrates karate moves that Kenji Yamaki often teaches his advanced students.

Kenji Yamaki was one of the top kyokushin karate competitors in Japan. Upon immigrating to the United States and setting up shop at Yamaki Karate in Torrance, California, Kenji Yamaki began teaching his own style of hard-core karate, which he dubbed yamaki-ryu.

Having trained extensively in a system made famous by Masutatsu Oyama’s intense striking techniques, Kenji Yamaki’s style favors kyokushin techniques laced with kicks that are frighteningly powerful and lightning fast.

Surprisingly, this 6-foot-2-inch heavyweight moves and kicks as rapidly as a bantamweight. After all, his heavily muscled frame looks more like a linebacker’s than a kicker’s. However, watch him begin to demonstrate the karate moves on his 2-DVD set, Full-Contact Karate: Advanced Sparring Techniques and Hard-Core Physical Conditioning, and you’ll see how this giant moves nimbly and precisely.


This 2-DVD collection, Full-Contact Karate: Advanced Sparring Techniques and Hard-Core Physical Conditioning, covers karate techniques from Kenji Yamaki’s yamaki-ryu system, which are inspired by hard-core kyoksuhin karate moves. This forthcoming collection includes the following:

Karate Techniques: Counters Against …

one-two punch
body strikes
hook punch
front kick
high kick
low kick
middle kick
back kick
Karate Techniques: Feints With …

Karate Techniques: Attacks

double attacks (kicks)
double attacks (punches to kicks)
attacks beginning with side stepping
Karate Moves: Drills for Strengthening …

front kick
low kick
roundhouse kick
back kick
ax kick
front-kick balance and control
kick-combination balance and control
… and more!
Conditioning to Improve Karate Techniques

toe crawl
base-leg rotation exercise
spider crawl
hammer swing
body-shield drills
advanced stretching techniques
… and more!
BONUS! Kenji Yamaki: The Black Belt Interview

Kenji Yamaki sits down with Black Belt for an exclusive interview in which he talks about:

the meaning of respect for self and for the art of karate
how students should behave in the dojo
bullying and how it affected him as a child
how meditation can impact karate moves
his goals as a martial artist
how his school came into being
… and more!
Learn more about Kenji Yamaki and his journey from bullied child to master teacher of karate moves in these articles and videos — only at!

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