Moving Windmills: The William Kamkwamba story

Moving Windmills will share William’s inspiring story with his fellow Africans, sparking initiatives to improve their difficult circumstances. William inspired his village to change the way it sees itself, and now because of William, many Malawians are building windmills, digging wells and harnessing their imagination.

What if a whole nation, a whole continent—the whole world—were exposed to his dramatic accomplishments? Through William’s story, the Moving Windmills documentary aims to ignite a new era in Africa, inspired by one boy who overcame a desperate situation.

As with all great stories, William’s is quickly growing to engage and and involve people the world over. Although William’s story is rooted in Africa and the problems facing his local community, the film looks at issues that affect us all: clean water, food production, nutrition, HIV, unemployment, energy, education and natural resources.

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