Winning-Is it in you?

This weekend I spent a lot of time reflecting on what one of my mentor’s, Guro Dan Inosanto said to me years agao. Guro Dan has always given me awesome Martial arts advice, as well as coaching me in personal growth. Well, this weekend the lesson was simple-How to be a winner…..

For those of you who I talk to often, you might remember me telling you about the book “Winning” by Jack Welch. In this book, I have adopted several tips and I recommend it you as well. The point I’m trying to make is that winning is all about who you surround yourself around. And this is an important lesson for everyone. When I look at back at when I struggled in my life, or went through rough periods of time, I noticed that the people I were in my inner circle were nothing to write home about.

This weekend I was proud to see a dear friend, (one of my best friends) achieve a really successful weekend at a MArtial Arts competition. He had a few characteristics that were exactly what Guro Dan had talked about. Please try to use them in your life. And to my family at Chi’s Martial Arts—thank you for teaching me how to be # 1. And I look forward to next year…..

1. Winning is in your DNA-Most of us either have or we don’t

2. Winners are never satisfied

3. Winners only want to be #1—anything less is not enough

4. Winners care about personal growth just as much a financial growth

5. Winners have a certain look—-Clean, dress well, and like to dance (still working on the last one)

6. Winners don’t make excuses

7. Winners spend more time thinking how it can be better in the future than talking about how good a job was

8. Winners don’t dwell in the past-they are always looking forward and never behind them.

“Don’t let good enough, be good enough!”-Bill Parcells…

Let me know what you think and please share your secrets on winning!

Sifu Chi

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