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Thanks for using Souped-Up Blogs to take full advantage of the incredible power of blogging and to simplify the process of making a blog post.

From this one page you can make 100% of your blog posts — video, audio or text — and never have to go elsewhere.

However, Souped-Up Blogs also gives you access to two back-end systems to further manage your blogs (e.g., add hyperlinks, dress-up text, manage categories/tags) and access other advanced features. See the Instructions page within your Souped-Up Blogs account to learn more.

Here are the two simple steps to make a blog post:

1. Select a keyword phrases on which to focus your content and review our tips for blog posting (available here – must be logged into your Souped-Up Blogs account to view)

2. Create and submit your post using one of the three options below


1. Submit a written post and image using the form below.

  • In the Title area, type a title which includes your selected keyword phrase
  • Type your post into the text box – or paste from another source
  • Click on Choose File and find/select a image on your hard drive. This image should be at least 180px-wide x 240px-tall and no larger than 600px-wide x 800px-tall (submitting image isn’t required but it is a good idea). To resize/crop the image before uploading, Click Here.
  • Click on Send Now.

[[Load Captcha Submit Form]]

2. Submit a video post using your computer webcam:

  • Click Allow in media recorder below and then Record Video and Audio
  • In the Title field, type a title which includes with your selected keyword phrase
  • Click Record and, when done, click Stop
  • Click Play to view video and click Cancel to re-record
  • If needed, configure camera/microphone by clicking icon(s) at top right
  • When satisfied with your video, click Save

[[Load PubClip MiniRecorder]]

3. Submit an audio post using one of these two options:

  • Click on Record Audio Only in the media recorder above and then follow the video instructions (see #1) to make a recording using your computer microphone.
  • To use a telephone, call 847-868-3871, enter extension 38032#, and then follow the voice prompts. Be sure and state your name and other pertinent information at the beginning of your message.

Once you’ve submitted your text, video or audio post, Souped-Up Blogs takes it from there to make sure you get the maximum value from your blogging efforts.

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